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Ornima is a technologically modern company. It has invested heavily to ensure that its standards of quality are very high and in compliance with the strict regulations. These efforts have rewarded the company with the Certification of Quality, after several years of hard work providing the best quality and service for the Customer. With production facilities, 12 brands, and around 150 employees, reaffirming the constant rate of growth of the past few years. A genuine talent for internationalization, the constant focus on innovation, and close attention to details.

Ornima a company that is always receptive to signals from the marketplace, and ready to move forward to meet the needs of consumers, as well as restaurant, café, catering and confectionary professionals. The customer is at the center of all of Ornima activities. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by offering excellent products that meet markets´ expectations. Strongly focused on innovation, Ornima is among the most prolific companies in this sector in terms of launching new products. Growing investments in research activities bear witness to an unshakable commitment to adding value to existing products while at the same time creating new ones that can truly satisfy the needs of the marketplace.

Innovation is a must-have for Ornima in the firm belief that it is only through the continuous improvement of products, processes, and methods that it is possible to achieve and implement high levels of excellence, this company has always focused its attention on constant Research and Development work. Studying the market and its needs in order to continuously upgrade raw materials, ingredients, and technologies, whether existing or in development, is fundamental to the daily working life of the company´s Team of Researchers. To respond to this need for innovation, a special RND Center was founded in 2007 to concentrate the elements of expertise in one location: Unique for its specialization, innovative products and processes for whipped cream and food creams market are not only researched here, but pilot plants make it possible to simulate industrial productions so that new, improved products can be developed, while new technologies are tested for implementation.

The building of the Center and the training of its researchers has been conducted by Ornima. Ornima Management System is based on the process approach. The processes are split into main and staff processes. Every process is a sequence of activities linked among them and based on ingoing and outgoing elements. The final goal for the whole process is to assure the maximum customer satisfaction, product conformity and environment protection.

Why Ornima

Ornima has a strong market presence among its customers and consumers. It has made its benchmark across the domestic market and now it is looking to venture into international market.We only need support to fulfill the expectations of the customers and want to build trust with our loyal customers. We have always thought aboutthe need of our customer first. If you have any query regarding our products, please do not hesitate to ask more about the products.

Ornima will confirm the leading world position of its brands and its technology, guaranteeing a sustainable growth that will prove lasting over time. The enlargement and promotion of its international organization, a continual attention to quality, market-oriented innovation and efficiency in its processes will be the distinctive elements that will continue to reinforce and enhance Ornima links with its customers. Ornima will achieve its objectives by developing and consolidating its skills of excellence, by giving value to people, by bringing enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to the tasks it carries out, and by using and involving all its resources, in an organization that is fully capable of meeting the challenges of the market.

Passion for our work: attention to quality, customer care, technological innovation, and employee expertise. These are the fundamental values that reaffirm Ornima Vision on a daily basis. Guided by these values, we are deeply committed to our Quality Strategy, for which we dedicate ourselves to: Serve all of our customers with great care and professionalism, personally making sure that we satisfy all of their needs; Improve, continuously, our knowledge of the markets in which we operate and to understand our customers in order to build collaborative relationships; Produce superior quality products at the least possible cost and in full compliance with all current regulations; Develop the expertise and professionalism of all of our employees through training and technical education in a calm, pleasant and stimulating work environment in which everyone has the opportunity to optimize their professional attributes; Conduct constant research, both for the development of innovative products and technologies, and for the continuous improvement of company processes; Integrate our activities in a manner compatible with the world outside, never wavering in our protection of the environment, and the development of the communities, in the surrounding territory.

Ornima has a strong market presence among its customers and consumers



Years Experience


Ornima can rely on an integrated system, in compliance with:

  • ISO 22000:2005 Quality Management Standa
  • HACCP Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points
  • FSSAI Approved.
  • By the application of this system, a constant product individualization has been obtained: of risks, of preventive measures and of the process critical points.
  • This is translated daily in the continuous monitoring of the whole productive cycle, across an accurate control of raw materials, of the production process and of finished products. The result is an effective and preventive control system.
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